FCGS Takes on Tiktok

by Nataly Huyhua

The FRIES Center of Global Studies (FCGS) has recently joined TikTok, adding a dynamic and engaging touch to its outreach efforts. Inspired by the entertaining TikTok content of Pi Café, the
FCGS TikTok account radiates a similar atmosphere of fun and inclusivity. Thais García Bagué,
who joined the team in August as the Global Language and Outreach Fellow, envisioned this
platform as a way to connect with the FCGS community and showcase the various initiatives
undertaken by the office.

Furuzon Atobekova, the Student Outreach Coordinator, has been instrumental in managing the TikTok
account since September. Her expertise in video editing and creativity has played a pivotal role
in curating the welcoming and engaging atmosphere reflected in the FCGS TikTok account.
Furuzon’s dedication to the project is evident, and her ideas have undoubtedly contributed to the
account’s growing popularity.

Since its inception, the TikTok account has featured captivating content, including a World Trivia
competition filmed during Homecoming Weekend. This event brought together parents, students,
staff, and faculty, fostering a sense of community through a shared love for global knowledge.
Currently, the account is working on an FLTA Spotlight series, a refreshing take on the
traditional feature done through articles on Wes and the World.

As the winter break approaches, the FCGS TikTok account extends an invitation to students, faculty, staff, and anyone in the Wesleyan community to contribute to its New Year’s TikTok celebration. The center is calling for submissions that showcase diverse New Year’s family traditions, providing an opportunity for the global community to share and connect during the holiday season. Video submissions should be emailed to tgarcia@wesleyan.edu by January 8th.

Don’t miss out—follow their TikTok account @wesfcgs! Join in the celebration and become part
of the FCGS TikTok community.