Meet and Greet: Kyllian Pather ’20

My name is Kyllian Pather and I am a current senior from South Africa studying in the College of Social Studies. Additionally, I opened a University Major in Race Studies in Africa and the Diaspora and I am completing the African Studies Minor. I am a Media Assistant here at the Fries Center for Global Studies which means you may see me fiddling with a projector during your TA session. Before coming to the center, I worked as an RA for two years in the Butterfields. If you need technical support with the work you are doing here at the center or if you have any basic questions about study abroad programs, I am here to help!

Coming from South Africa, I have always been proud of my international heritage. I have long been involved in Wesleyan’s African Students’ Association, sharing and celebrating the diversity of African cultures on Wesleyan’s campus. And, I am happy to be working at the center this year facilitating Wesleyan students’ interests in places outside of the USA.

African Students’ Association Business and Academic Conference

Aside from my academic and cultural interests on campus, I run a small non-profit (PEDI) back in my hometown of Johannesburg that helps underprivileged high school students access tertiary education. I love driving and road-tripping and I am passionate about music.

PEDI students

I have cherished my time at Wesleyan; it is an incredible and unique place! If I can help with anything regarding the center or if you just fancy a chat, come on over. I love hearing about what other Wes students are getting up to and I am looking for anything to still tick-off in my final semester at Wes.