Meet and Greet: Kathryn Kopf ’22

My name is Kate Kopf. I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and I’m currently a sophomore at Wes. Right now I’m planning on studying American Studies, IDEAS, and the Social, Cultural, Critical Theory certificate, but majors, as you guys probably know, are often subject to change.

While I wouldn’t consider myself fluent in any other language besides English at this point in my life, I have had a lot of experience with language previously. As a kid I went to a Spanish immersion school where we would take all of our classes in Spanish. If you think math is hard in English try learning the rules of fractions in a whole ‘nother language. I also dabbled a little in French during middle school, before continuing on with my Spanish education for my four years in high school. This background knowledge in language helps a lot with comprehending the romance languages and I plan to use it to help get around in Europe when I study abroad next year.

Outside of academics, I enjoy working on the various theater and film projects happening around campus, writing articles for the Artifex, creating sex ed projects with ASHA, and working here at the Fries Center for Global Studies.