Frac/tions: Showcasing the Stories of Third Culture Kids

Frac/tions is a digital magazine that aims to showcase the stories of Third Culture Kids (TCKs). These are individuals who spend the majority of their formative years in geographic and cultural transience. They may live abroad because of their parents’ careers or something else; they may have moved frequently or only once; they may identify with any number of cultures or none at all. The stories of TCKs are hardly highlighted in mainstream media, leading us to curate a platform to amplify their lives and experiences.

Students can email their submissions to We ask for a submission of 500-800 words, be it fiction, nonfiction, or another genre, centered on a specific aspect of their third culture experience — that is, we are not looking for general “This is what being a TCK is like” material, but something more personal and particular that gets at the complexities of the experience. For example, one piece in our first issue is about a student’s connection to the Cyrillic alphabet and her own name, and how these things relate to her international identity.

We would love to expand our network of writers/audience members to include the Wesleyan community by making use of channels that already exist on campus.