FLTA Series: Introducing Yenyu Lin

Hey! My name is Yenyu Lin (Chinese name: 林晏羽), I am the Chinese FLTA this year! I grew up in Tainan, a beautiful historical city in southern Taiwan. Before I came to Wesleyan in 2021, I studied my master degree in Teaching World Languages at University of Kentucky. And before that, I taught English to elementary school kids in Taiwan for one year.

After completing my master degree in Lexington, Kentucky, I was looking for jobs that are located in other cities in the states. I wanted to have the experience living in different places. At the time, I visited Boston once for a conference, and was deeply attracted to the architecture, atmosphere, and historical features in New England region.

When applying for jobs, Wesleyan’s FLTA position drew my attention, because it is only two hours away from both New York and Boston! I had a really nice interview experience with the Chinese Program director of Wesleyan, and received the offer soon after. I later learned from my American friends that Wesleyan is a well-known liberal arts school in the States. I felt so lucky to be selected!

This is my second year being the FLTA at Wes. I took Intro to Dance and a writing course during the last year. This year, I hope to be more engaged with all kinds of activities, talks, and events on campus, such as the film series provided by Film Studies and the fitness classes from Wes Wellness Team. Of course, having the opportunity to stay here for a second year, I am also excited about exploring more places in Connecticut and the whole New England region.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, playing puzzles, and watching movies. I also love hiking and playing badminton. After a long tired working week, I usually play badminton with other FLTAs or graduate students on Friday afternoon. It is so de-stressing!

Being a part of Wesleyan has been a wonderful experience. The teachers, who are professional and passionate about their job – they always inspire me, as well as my colleagues, who are always willing to help and support me. I am fortunate to teach students who are cool, kind, and funny, and willing to put efforts into learning. Thank you so much! I am happy to be here and I can’t wait for more adventures at Wesleyan to come.

Yenyu Lin, Chinese FLTA, ylin03@wesleyan.edu