Changes to the Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Established in 2010, the Middle Eastern Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary program that offers students interested in a Middle East concentration with a curriculum that integrates government, history, religion, art history, and language study. The minor has historically required eight credits, including two language courses at the intermediate level. After a re-evaluation of the curriculum by the faculty affiliated with the minor, the Educational Policy Committee has approved a reduction in the required credits from eight to five. The new requirements include two language courses at any level (and may include Arabic, Hebrew, Tamazight or other relevant languages from the region), and three electives from at least two different disciplines. The minor no longer requires a gateway course, but in keeping with the original vision of the program to encourage cross-cultural dialogue, one of the electives has to be cross-listed with the Jewish and Israeli Studies minor, and at least one elective has to focus on the Muslim Middle East.

There are currently ten faculty who offer courses in the minor, in a range of departments including Religion, Anthropology, Government, History, Music, and more. See here for courses offered next semester!