Visit from a Watson Fellow: World Travels of Livia Cox, ’22

Tuesday Nov 14 at 4:30pm, Fisk 201

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, open to Wesleyan seniors, allows a group of daring young leaders from select US colleges and universities to travel the world for a year after graduation, pursuing a project of their own design, centered on their own personal passions. As a Watson Fellow, Livia visited and worked in specialized pain clinics, low-resource birthing centers, drug consumption rooms, Buddhist monasteries and traditional and indigenous medicine settings to elucidate the ways and circumstances in which pain is managed, fought, accepted – and even surrendered to or celebrated. On 11/14 Livia Cox, ’22, will present about her year traveling to countries as diverse as Kenya, France, and Nepal, to name just a few. 

This event will be of interest to frosh, sophomores, and juniors considering applying for a Watson Fellowship in the future, as well as anyone who is interested in different cultural and societal approaches to healthcare and medicine around the world. The Watson fellowship is open to applicants from all disciplines and all citizenships. Register on WesNest

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