FLTA Series: Introducing Elena Rota

Hey everybody!This is Elena and I’ll be the Italian FLTA for this academic year at Wesleyan. I was born and raised in Bologna, Italy, a city considered to be the Italian capital of food and home to the oldest University in the western world. I study Foreign Languages and Literatures, in particular the English and the French ones. I’m also specialized in Linguistics, Translation and Comparative Literature.

What drew you to Wesleyan?
My aspiration is to become an English teacher in Italy so coming here is the opportunity of a lifetime: I get to teach, improve my English and learn more about the American culture! Furthermore, I get to study in a renowned university and live the American campus experience!
What are some things you are excited about doing at Wesleyan?
I’m excited about meeting new people and getting to visit the US! Also, I think this experience will be very formative for my future career. I’ve already
made a lot of new friends.

and I got to visit New York and Boston!

What do you like to do for fun?
I’m very passionate about music, cinema and
 sports. In particular I’m a former lifeguard, a skier and a gym enthusiast. I love the mountains! However, my biggest passion is food and I think I’d be a great food critic.
Elena Rota, Italian FLTA, erota@wesleyan.edu