Fellowships Writing Retreat

Fellowships are an amazing opportunity for students to take their interests and dedicate time to nourishing those passions. Some of the most popular fully-funded fellowships for Wesleyan to consider applying for are the Fulbright and Watson fellowships.

The Fulbright Fellowship is an amazing way to get funding for your graduate studies abroad or work as an English teacher in a different country.

The Watson Fellowship calls for independent creative thinkers to pursue their passions in a year-long project.

You may be wondering where to even begin and a great place to start is working on your personal statement. The personal statement allows your enthusiasm and personality to be present in the application process. Considering the weight that is placed on the personal statement, Fellowships has decided to host a writing retreat where you can start working on your own!

Come join us on Wednesday, March 24, 1:30-4p ET at this link.

Like any other writing, writing for fellowships is a process that benefits from engaged feedback. This retreat is your chance to build a community of peers and start writing about your experiences in a way that conveys your strengths.

Through a series of brainstorming, fast-writing, sharing, and drafting activities, you’ll generate a good amount of writing to use as the starting point of your application.

The writing retreat will be just the space you need to make the first step in your fellowship application journey. By the end of the retreat, you will be sure to feel confident in continuing your application.

To accommodate time zone differences, we are offering a fully asynchronous option in Google Drive in addition to the synchronous option.

Registration is required for the asynchronous retreat and encouraged for the synchronous retreat.

Please register by filling out this short form: https://forms.gle/rV2vSbMjHNRyjjY79

We are looking forward to working with you!