Wesleyan ELL Tutoring Program

Looking for a rewarding experience tutoring children? Come join the Wesleyan ELL tutoring program! We are partnered with Woodrow Wilson Middle School to provide tutoring services for English Language Learners.

Wesleyan tutors work closely with students who speak a variety of languages; this semester’s ELLs speak French, Lao, Patois, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. It is not necessary to speak another language or have tutoring experience to be a tutor, but if you’d like to practice a second language, it can be fun!

With two-hour shifts a week, Wesleyan students are able to work one on one with English language learners, providing support for any classroom or homework needs. All Wesleyan students are welcome to join us this semester to gain first-hand education experience, provide needed support, and get to know some amazing students!

We’ll be starting soon, so please email ellwesleyan@gmail.com if you are interested!

Thank you!