WesInAction: What We Need To Know About the Coronavirus

WesInAction is a group of Wesleyan students concerned about the Coronavirus (nCoV-2019) and its impact on the Wesleyan community. Students who are involved in this project include Huiqin Hu ’20, Maria Tan ’22, Oliver Cho ’22, Shaoxuan Tian ’22, Shuo Wang ’20, Linus Mao ’23, Sanni Zhang ’22, Tianxin Chen ’21, Zhuo Chen ’20, Jinjia Hu ’23, Hairihan Hanson ’22, Kathy Huang ’20, Yihan Lin ’21, Kate Liu ’22, Shuyuan Liu ’22, Fiona Sun ’22, Binxin Wang ’20, Yuan Yuan ’22, Xinyue Zhang ’21, and Alexa Zhang ’23. Though students in WesInAction are mostly Chinese international students, not all of them are Chinese.

The coronavirus outbreak has affected the world at large as well as the Wesleyan community. The purpose of this project is intended to raise awareness of racial discrimination on campus, to elevate compassion towards one another during these tough times, to provide people with more information about the 2019 novel coronavirus, and to advocate for practical actions that can assist Wuhan through this crisis.

WesinAction has done extensive research on the coronavirus and its prevention. They created a brochure that includes key facts and statistics that are misrepresented on social media. Their hope is to use knowledge and information to ease some anxiety around the virus outbreak and help to create mutual compassion between those who fear. The brochure can be found on the WesInAction Facebook page.


DONATE: The donations will continue until June 30, 2020. Follow this link to donation instructions.

SHOW RESPECT & COMPASSION: Another way that people can help is to be respectful and compassionate towards one another; stop Sinophobia or any racial discrimination against the East Asian community.

Contributed by Maria Tan ’22