Meet and Greet: Sophie Taveras Shelley ’22

My name is Sophie Taveras Shelley. I grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico and am currently a sophomore here at Wesleyan. I’m pursuing an Italian major and work at the Fries Center for Global Studies as a Media Assistant. I help out members of the FCGS staff with preparing for upcoming events as well as oversee audio and visual recording in language TA sessions.

Italian has been a huge part of my life in college. Working at FCGS has given me a great dual perspective on language learning, language communities, and study abroad here at Wesleyan. I help with events, so I understand all the components of curating the wonderful, lively language communities we have. I plan to study abroad in Bologna in the fall semester of 2020. Food is another big part of my life, so I am obviously looking forward to being in Italy and learning how to cook well for myself.

In my free time, I like to dedicate myself to my friends and family. They all have such lovely minds and I value all of their words, in all their own languages. Much of our time is spent chatting over, of course, good food. Wesleyan has brought me to so many people and I love reveling in their company.