Introducing the Fall 2023 Study Abroad Student Cohort!

Every semester, the Office of Study Abroad selects a cohort of students who are currently studying abroad and who have studied abroad in the past. In this way, students have the opportunity to share study abroad experiences, during or after their time abroad!

The Global Correspondents are students who are currently completing their semester or year abroad. Look out for stories, social media takeovers, and more from our 2023 Global Correspondents!

Imogen Frazier, Global Correspondent

Study Abroad Program: Middlebury School in Brazil program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina

About Imogen: My name is Imogen Frazier and I am a History major studying abroad through the Middlebury School in Brazil program at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. I am interested in researching solutions for food insecurity and hope to pursue a career in International Relations. As a coxswain for the men’s crew team at Wes, I am continuing to practice coxing here in Florianópolis with Aldo Luz Clube de Regatas, which is over 100 years old! 

Dixie Lissack

Study Abroad Program: Eastern College Consortium of Bologna (ECCo)

About Dixie: Hi everyone! My name is Dixie Lissack and I am studying in Bologna, Italy through the Eastern College Consortium of Bologna (ECCo). Italy is known for its food, wine, beautiful cities and lively people, all of which I can attest to! I love learning the Italian language and am hoping to work in a local elementary school this semester teaching English. I also love cooking and traveling, and I hope to explore Italy and learn some new recipes this semester. Come along with me to learn about all the highs and lows of studying abroad in Italy!  

Meera Pawale

Study Abroad Program: DIS Program in Copenhagen, Denmark

About Meera: Hey! Greetings from Copenhagen! My name is Meera and I’m a junior studying biology and economics through the DIS program in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is a beautiful city in Scandinavia and so far I’ve been swimming in the canals, trying new foods in the markets, visiting some of the coolest museums, shopping on cobblestone streets with my friends, and biking everywhere to explore the city. This semester I am looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone and truly immersing myself in Danish culture. Stay tuned for updates about my semester! 

Malik Booker

Study Abroad Program: CIEE Study Abroad Program in Seoul, South Korea at Yonsei University

About Malik: My name is Malik Booker, and I am an East Asian studies major studying abroad through CIEE study abroad program in Seoul, South Korea at Yonsei University. I am interested in learning Korean to an advanced level and explore firsthand the underground LGBT culture in Korea. I will be spending my entire Junior Year in Korea and hope to gain an internship for summer of 2024 in order to come back after graduation. 

The Study Abroad Ambassadors are students who are back on campus from their semester abroad, and are very excited to share about their experiences and any advice they may have. These are our Fall 2023 Study Abroad Ambassadors!

Felice Li (they/them)

Study Abroad Program: Freie Universitaet Berlin International Summer and Winter University (FUBiS), Munich International Summer University (MISU), National Taiwan University (NTU) 

Major: CEAS 

Felice is a senior majoring in CEAS. They are an international student from Shanghai. Before coming to Wes, Felice took a gap year in Japan. In summer 2022, Felice studied abroad at two universities in Germany and last semester (Spring 2023) they studied abroad at National Taiwan University in Taipei. From June to August 2022 Felice finished the coursework that is equivalent to 5 wes credits because they were also taking online courses when studying abroad. Felice also attended a virtual summer medical program at LMU while studying German in München. During their study abroad semester in Taiwan, Felice took all the courses with local students, volunteered at the National Taiwan University Hospital, and went to schools to talk about LGBTQ-related topics with other members of the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association. Some interesting classes they have taken are an ancient Chinese class, a Taiwanese history course, and a Geriatrics course. Felice befriended many local people and learned a lot about the history and culture from everyone. Unfortunately, Felice was so busy with all these things that they did not even have time to visit the National Palace Museum!  

They are excited to help peers navigate:  

  • Studying abroad as an international student 
  • Being LGBTQ+ while abroad 
  • Time management & course selection while abroad 
  • Petition Process 

Ethan Chu (he/him) 

Study Abroad Program: American Councils Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program (TISLP) at NTHU 

Majors: Mathematics, CEAS Minor: Data Analysis 

Ethan Chu is a member of the class of 2026, from Staten Island NY. He is currently majoring in Mathematics and CEAS, with a minor in Data Analysis. He is also involved in research with the Wesleyan Media Project and part of Wesleyan Investment Club. Last summer, he traveled across the world to Taiwan through a Fulbright Scholarship to learn more about Taiwanese culture, and begin an intensive Chinese language program. During his study abroad, he went all around Taiwan, visiting the Sun Moon Lake, Tainan’s famous night markets, Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall, and more.  

However, the most important thing he took away from his time in Taiwan was the connections he made there. Through his study abroad program, he met tons of people from Taiwan as well the U.S, exploring Taiwan with his language partners and classmates. Although it was bittersweet leaving Taiwan and parting ways with everyone he met, he’s glad to be back at Wesleyan to help others experience study abroad for themselves.  

Hyacinth Scheinfeld (they/he)  

Study Abroad Program: College Year in Athens (CYA), Fall 2022 

Majors: English, Minor in History  

Hyacinth is a member of the Class of 2024 from New Rochelle, NY. They are an English major and History minor, and are active in clubs on campus including the Route9 Lavender Literary Magazine, the Mazeltones A cappella group, and Club Soccer. Hyacinth studied abroad in Athens, Greece, in the Fall of 2022. While abroad, they ventured all around Greece (from various islands like Crete to the Pelopponese and Delphi), as well as the greater area of Europe— including places like Spain, Amsterdam, and Paris. Hyacinth was led to Greece through their love of mythology, but, once there, fell in love with everything about modern culture as well: from the food to the cats begging under tables at tavernas! They had a marvelous time, and are looking forward to helping others explore study abroad opportunities for themselves, while navigating what it means to be a study abroad student and how to make the most out of the experience.  

Hyacinth would be happy to answer questions pertaining to:  

  • Managing mental health abroad 
  • Being LGBTQ+ while abroad 
  • Adjusting to life in your non-native language 
  • Anything else you’d like to chat about!  

Madi Mehta (She/Her) 

Study Abroad Program: DIS Copenhagen  

Majors: Government & Psychology  

Madi Mehta, a member of the Class of 2024, grew up between California and Bangkok where she attended an international school. She is a government and psychology double major. She is also involved in a fellowship investigating the link between technology usage and mental health, and she serves as the editor-in-chief of Frac/tions, a Third Culture Kid magazine. Madi studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark in the fall where she concentrated in Humanitarian Law. Apart from all of the travelling she was able to do for class through the wonderful study tour program, Madi visited other parts of Scandinavia, as well as Spain, Amsterdam, and England. While in Copenhagen, Madi enjoyed polar plunging in the canals, locating the most hygge cafes, and biking just about everywhere. In order to immerse herself in the local culture and meet people beyond the DIS program, Madi joined a choir group at a local university and went on her first-ever solo trip to Aarhus. Madi would love to chat through any and all questions/concerns about the study abroad experience and is especially happy to have conversations pertaining to mental health while abroad, time and financial management, and what to expect when you return home.