Wesleyan Students Attend Yale Hindi Debate

The Yale Hindi debate is a prestigious event in the realm of Hindi language scholarship and
discourse; and for every Hindi learner, speaker and language enthusiasts in USA. Established
in 2008, the Yale Hindi Debate has been a platform for Hindi speakers—natives, heritage,
and non-native students—to wrestle with timely and profound issues of importance. The
Debate has a 15-year legacy of excellence in the realm of Hindi language scholarship and

With a 15-year legacy of excellence the debate welcomes participants from universities,
colleges and institutions all over the USA. This year the event took place on 14th April where
students form more than 20 universities participated, along with the teaching faculties and
Fulbright Teaching Assistants.

This year, there were three resolutions total:


R: जेल व्यवस्था को निरस्त कर देना चाहिए // R: The prison system should be eliminated


R: प्रेम विवाह से तय-शुदा विवाह ज़्यादा सफल है // R: Arranged marriage is more successful than love marriage


R: सिर्फ़ सरकार ही जलवायु परिवर्तन नियंत्रित कर सकती है // R: Only government can control climate change

This year, three students participated from Wesleyan University: Sean Stetson in Non-native category, Mitsu Raval in Native Category and Ismali Leghari in Heritage category. Sean secured the 2nd prize in Non-Native speaker category.

The event was an exemplifier of Hindi language and culture with classical music, bhangra and Indian food, it sure was a taste of India in the USA!