Watson Fellowship Informational Webinar

The Watson Fellowship provides $36,000 in stipend and travel expenses along with other benefits (health insurance contribution, student loan support and disability support where needed) to allow college graduates to take on a personal passion project outside the US in the year after they graduate. Members of the Class of 2023 who are curious about the Watson Fellowship should attend the upcoming webinar on the fellowship.

The live webinar will take place on May 12 from 3-4pm Eastern time, and will feature Momi Afelin, of Wesleyan’s Class of 2019! Click the following link to register to attend the webinar: https://watson-foundation.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZArd-uhqz4rHNxv4vWnpfQb3Jojv1Bvtpr1

This year’s campus deadline for the Watson Fellowship will be October 7 at noon. To get on the list to receive updates about further webinars, resources, and assistance with the application process, email fellowships@wesleyan.edu (ideally by the end of May!).