Translators Aloud

Dear members,

This is to introduce a (relatively) new YouTube channel called Translators Aloud, co-founded by myself (under my professional name as a literary translator, Tina Kover), and my colleague Charlotte Coombe last May, on which we feature literary translators reading from their own work. To date, we have shared over 150 videos by 130+ translators working from nearly thirty languages, and our collaborative partners include the European Literary Network, the Association of Danish-English Literary Translators, the Jewish Book Council, and New Books in German. For teachers of language, translation, or culture modules involving cross-culturalism, globalism, transnationalism, as well as postgraduate courses training students for a career in translation, the readings we feature may well be of interest both personally and as teaching materials.

Please do investigate and subscribe to Translators Aloud at Translators Aloud.

To read the profile done on us by the European Literature Network, please click here:

Kind regards,

Tina (Kover) O’Donnell
Durham University