Remote Learning Resources for International Students

Written by Jackie García ’22

As the pandemic has completely transformed the way in which we carry out our lives, many students have had to tackle remote learning from different places all over the world. Although some Wes students have been lucky enough to learn remotely from their dorm rooms or their homes in the continental U.S., some have had to do so in different countries around the world, juggling extreme time zone differences and showing tremendous resilience.

This article explores a long list of resources and advice for remote learning. Links include tips about time management and self-care, with some centered around the particularities of learning from a different time zone. As the spring 2021 semester starts to wrap up and people prepare for final papers and exams, I hope these resources and tips will provide helpful information for remote and international students to finish the semester strong!


Yale University – Tips for Effective Remote Learning

  • Click on this link to learn more about effective distance learning tips to help address productivity, stress, and finding a support system!

Manchester University – Remote Learning Tips and Tricks

  • Click here to find more remote learning tips and tricks that allow you to stay organized, engaged, and care for yourself while taking remote classes!

Rethink Together – Advice for College Freshmen: 10 Tips to Prepare for Remote Learning

  • Click here to find more information on how to prepare for and navigate remote learning. Some tips include managing workload, asking for help when needed, and learning how to keep a positive mindset.


Ted Talk – How to gain control of your free time

  • Watch this Ted Talk video to learn about time management from Laura Wanderkam, who provides strategies for managing our time!

Brooklyn College – Strategies for Successful Remote Learning

  • Click to find more information on the most effective time management skills in order to organize your time used studying for exams, writing papers, group work, and office hours with professors!


Make School – 10 Self-Care Tips for College Students

  • Click this link to find more information on essential self-care tips for college students. Some tips include finding a support/buddy system and checking in with oneself.

University of Colorado Boulder – 6 self-care tips for the end of the semester

  • Click on this link for specific tips on self-care to get you through the semester. Some tips include staying connected to family and friends and making sure you feel comfortable asking for help!

University of Colorado Boulder – Self-Care as We Practice Physical Distancing | International Student and Scholar Services

  • Click here to find some self-care tips as we adjust/readjust to learning and working from different parts of the world.


The Daily Illini – Follow these tips to survive online classes in different time zones

  • Click on the link to find information on how to navigate a skewed class schedule due to time zone differences, some tips touch on sleeping and eating habits!

The Emory Wheel – Tips for International Students Navigating Different Time Zones

  • Click to find more information on how to learn remotely from different time zones. Some tips include how to avoid procrastination, reach out to professors, and create connections with other international students.

The Varsity – Taking classes in a different time zone: tips from around the world

  • Click the link to read student testimonies about learning abroad from different time zones and how they have adjusted to remote learning under these circumstances.

The Columbia Spectator – Seven Tips for Dealing with a Time Zone Difference

  • Click the link to find seven concrete tips on how to deal with a time zone difference, including some self-care tips to help navigate classes comfortably!

Trojans 360 – 10 Tips For Succeeding in a Different Time Zone

  • Click here to find important tips from one USC student on how to navigate remote learning in a drastically different time zone. They include important tips that helped them navigate a 15 hour time difference!