Meet Elisa Chi: Global Marketing Intern

Working on Alejandra Villamares’ film thesis (left)

My name is Elisa Chi, and I’m a senior majoring in the College of Social Studies. I’m an international student from Shenyang, China. As a global marketing intern at the Fries Center for Global Studies, I create contents for FCGS social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat, and strive to expand FCGS’ outreach. I’m also working for the College of East Asian Studies (CEAS) as a course assistant for Chinese Writing, and have worked with TEDxWesleyanU to launch our 2019 TEDx conference. I have also worked on a few student film projects and am currently working on a student theater production as a costume designer.

I really enjoyed working with the FCGS to improve intercultural and multilingual engagement at Wesleyan. In this role, I have met great people, learned new skills, and came up with creative marketing strategies. I’m excited to see how various student cultural clubs and organizations work collaboratively to further integrate and expand Wesleyan’s commitment to global learning.