Meet Naraa Altai: Spring International Student Orientation Intern

Meet Naraa

Hi! My name is Naraa Altai and I am an international student from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I am in the Class of 2022 and am majoring in Computer Science with a double minor in Data Analysis and IDEAS.

I try to get involved in as many different ways as I can every semester. So far, I’ve tried Wes Boxing (makes great workout sessions. Highly recommended), took lessons with the Wes Equestrian Team (made friends with a beautiful horse Masq. I miss her dearly), tutored in the Math Workshop (I do not tutor anymore, but I do go there every week. The tutors are helpful and sweet), worked at several offices across campus (met so many staff members and learned a lot from them), and more!

I will be working as an Intern for the Spring International Student Orientation (ISO). This will be my fourth one – the first being the orientation I attended as a freshman, the second one I worked as the ISO Intern, and for the third, I worked as an Orientation Leader this past summer and now this time, I am returning as an Intern. As you can probably tell, the orientation is an experience that I really care about and look forward to taking part every year. So, I’m really excited to be trusted with this opportunity once more. I have always had a great experience working on the orientation team because of the people. It’s my peers whom I work with, my supervisors from whom I learn and the first-year students I get to make connections with that make orientation impactful and meaningful for me. With that being said, I’m excited for the upcoming ISO and eager to meet and welcome the international students of the Class of 2024!