Korean Music, Italian Games, German TV and Beyond: Spring 21 CLAC

Five exciting courses are being offered this spring as part of the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) initiative. All five will give students the opportunity to explore topics using languages other than English – each of them in really creative ways.

One course is focused on the art of translation, specifically between Arabic and English; another focuses on the way that “gameful pedagogy” is transforming education and offers students opportunities to create educational games—all in Italian. “Korean Music from Shamanism to Television” looks at how music has been central to a broad range of cultural, social, and humanitarian aspects of Korean life. Another course uses the hugely influential German TV show “Tatort” to explore questions ranging from questions of police brutality, immigration, gentrification, and the surveillance state, to Germany’s changing conception of itself. “Israeli Cinema,” finally, is a Hebrew-language class linked to the English-language “Eyes Wide Shut: The Eternal Presence of the Absent Arab in Israeli Cinema”; students will use Hebrew to discuss the cultural and social changes in Israeli society reflected in the transformation in format and themes of Israeli films. Details about all five classes are here:

  • CGST 220/ITAL 220: Italian Gaming Lab: Project-Based, Gameful Pedagogy for Language Learning (CLAC.50) [Italian], Prof. Camilla Zamboni
  • CGST 262/KREA 262/MUSC 262: Korean Music from Shamanism to Television (CLAC.50) [Korean], Prof. Jin Hi Kim
  • CGST 273/GRST 273: Tatort – Window into Germany (CLAC.50) [German], Prof. Martin Baeumel
  • CGST 380/ARAB 380: Arabic in Translation: Arabic-English & vice versa (CLAC.50) [Arabic], Prof. Abderrahman Aissa
  • CGST413/CJST 413: Israeli Cinema (CLAC1.00) [Hebrew], Prof. Dalit Katz