(Even) More Language Learning Opportunities!

Students in the Spring 2020 Swahili course with Professor Kiarie Wa’Njogu

Adding to Wesleyan’s already robust language offerings, the Alternative Language Study Options program provides additional resources for students who may be interested in learning languages not available through language departments. This program may be helpful for those interested in preparing for study abroad experience or looking to maintain and expand proficiency in a language learned while abroad. It may also be useful to start learning a language for other curricular purposes or for personal enrichment. 

These additional language learning opportunities are offered through a variety of modalities which allow students to enroll in regular classes in beginning and intermediate American Sign Language and smaller classes for Modern Greek and Swahili. For more information about these options, please visit Wesmaps. Some sections still have seats available!  

Other more individually tailored are available through the Supervised Independent Language Program or via Independent language study using the Mango Languages online platform, which is freely available to all members of the Wesleyan community. 

While only American Sign Language classes are offered as a graded course, ½ and ¼ credit CR/U and non-credit options are available and based on the type of language learning modality. For more information, visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/cgs/also or contact Emmanuel Paris-Bouvreteparis@wesleyan.edu.