Wesleyan-Fudan Summer Session

Wesleyan-Fudan Summer Session: The Foundations of Cinema 

Wesleyan-Fudan Summer Session: The Foundations of Cinema 

In conjunction with Fudan University’s International Summer Session in Shanghai, China, Wesleyan is offering a one credit Film Studies course taught by our own Professor Lisa A. Dombrowski. “The Foundations of Cinema” is a 24-person, seminar-style immersion in narrative and stylistic analysis featuring discussion of films from around the world and small-group filmmaking exercises. Students will examine key elements of film including plot structure, narration, cinematography, editing, sound, and more! Students will also explore Shanghai, delve into the city’s pivotal role in China’s rich film history, and take an excursion to the dynamic Shanghai Film Museum. All majors are encouraged to apply.

The course will run from July 4, 2020 – August 1, 2020.

Interested students are encouraged to attend the upcoming Wesleyan-Fudan information session on Monday, February 3 from 12:15 PM to 1:00 PM in Fisk 201. Lunch will be provided. RSVP to the info session here

“The course is designed to appeal to a wide range of students,” asserts Professor Dombrowski “—those who have already studied film or made their own visual projects, as well as those who are simply interested in visual storytelling and would like an intensive learning experience.” 

In line with the mission of Wesleyan’s College of Film and the Moving Image each class session will integrate film history, analysis, and practice,” states Dombrowski. “For example, after analyzing films from different time periods and countries that utilize analytical versus constructive editing, students will then work in groups to create their own scenes shot in these distinct editing patterns. In that way, they’ll creatively implement what they learn.” 

Professor Dombrowski at the College of East Asian Studies Student Conference.

Fostering an appreciation for the host-city of Shanghai will also be a central component of the course, as students delve into the city’s dynamic role in China’s deep film history and take an excursion to the acclaimed and visually dynamic Shanghai Film Museum. 

One of the most notable features of this course is that it is open to other students participating in Fudan University’s International Summer Session. As such, the 24-person class will consist of a dynamic mix of Wesleyan student, local Chinese students, and other visiting students. Professor Dombrowski: “The program will provide Wes students with the opportunity to learn and experiment alongside students from Fudan and other universities from around the world. I’m excited to see how the different backgrounds of the students will enrich discussion and enliven group projects.” 

In addition to the Film Studies course, participating students will have to optional opportunity to enroll in another course offered at Fudan University during the International Summer Session. Mandarin courses, from beginner to advanced level, are among the courses offered. Explore additional course offerings here. 

The diverse composition of the class, as well as the opportunities for exposure and exchange afforded to students studying at Fudan, reaffirms The Fries Center for Global Studies and the Office of Study Abroad’s commitment to immersive education and meaningful cross-cultural exchange.   

“For a few years Wesleyan has been looking for ways to expand liberal education opportunities in China”, says Stephen Angle, Director of The Fries Center for Global Studies and Professor of Philosophy and East Asian Studies. “Short-term, faculty-led international educational experiences like this can be extraordinary learning opportunities, and thanks to support from our alumnus Mr. Sha Ye, we are able to make the Wesleyan-Fudan summer program accessible to all students.” 

The Director is referring the to the fact that, unlike most summer study abroad opportunities, need-based financial aid will be made available for qualifying students.  

Any student interested in this opportunity is highly encouraged to attend the informational session on February 3, to be hosted in Fisk 201/FCGS Commons from 12:15pm-1:00pm. Professor Dombrowski and representatives from the Office of Study Abroad will leading the session and on hand afterwards to answer any questions regarding the program and provided insight into the application process. Lunch will be provided. RSVP to the info session here.