Call for Events: Impact Campus

Impact campus during this year’s International Education Week (IEW) at Wesleyan. What global issues are you passionate about? Are there international concerns that you want to bring attention to on campus? Are there cultural events you want to host or showcase? SUBMIT AN EVENT for IEW 2019.

The goal of IEW at Wesleyan is to impact international student organizations, student identity groups, and study abroad goers/returners by empowering them to take the lead in organizing globally-focused events that are important to them. You and your student group can consider submitting an event in the form of food, music, film, panel, storytelling circle, discussion, presentation related to the theme of internationalization.

IEW is intended to make the value of internationalism real by exposing and grappling with the idea that ‘internationalization’ not universally shared across the United States and other countries. We hope that IEW will offer space for student groups to share their lived experiences on campus with each other. In essence, IEW is intended to promote self-awareness as well as awareness of others in order to avoid generalizations. We want to connect real people to real lived experiences for the development of real interpretation to decode culture beyond the tip of ice-berg. Click here to view last year’s event to get an idea about International Education Week is all about.

The Fries Center for Global Studies, Gordon Career Center, Resource Center, Office of International Student Affairs, and Shapiro Writing Center have partnered together to oversee IEW at Wesleyan University. Our biggest commitment to IEW is to fund student events as well as promote and spotlight their events to the wider Wesleyan community.